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    A Wall in Jerusalem

    While Israel was established as a safe haven for the Jewish people, the expansionist aims and the oppressive policies of Israel make the prospects for peace in the Holy Land recede further as the years go by. Why, then, have the majority of Americans unconditionally supported Israel’s policies, ignoring the human rights violations and thwarting the possibility of pulling Israel back from its self-destructive course?

    An American Jew, Mark Braverman thought he understood the reasons for Israel’s existence. But when he began to understand the forces perpetuating the conflict, he realized just how far we are from achieving peace. Drawing on the historical lessons of the Civil Rights movement and the struggle against South African apartheid, Braverman offers a course of action both at home and abroad that will bring about a just and lasting peace.  He delivers a strong message to Jews and Christians alike: it is not anti-Semitic to stand up for justice for the Palestinian people. A Wall in Jerusalem offers a provocative and unique perspective on this controversial  issue, and specific, real-time prescriptions for action, with specific emphasis on the role of the church in our time.

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    From A Wall in Jerusalem:

    “I traveled to Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories because of a feeling that would not leave me alone: that there was another side to the story that I had been told as a Jew growing up in postwar America. I witnessed Israel’s separation wall snaking through the West Bank; the humiliating checkpoints restricting Palestinian movement; the network of Jewish-only highways; the massive, continuing construction of illegal Jewish-only settlements and towns on Palestinian land; the vicious acts of ideological Jewish settlers destroying Palestinian orchards and physically assaulting farmers, housewives, and schoolchildren; and the destructive impact of militarization and ongoing conflict on Israeli society. I realized that a humanitarian crime was being committed, and that the role of occupier was leading Israel toward political disaster and the Jewish people down a road of spiritual peril…Standing before the huge barrier of concrete and steel, the grim consequences of our national homeland project became agonizingly clear to me. I was beginning to understand that we had to move on, toward a renewed Jewish identity, where freedom from fear meant walls being dismantled, not built higher. On that day, the wall inside me began to come down. ”

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    “A compelling, persuasive book to which attention must be paid…A summons that is filled with hopeful possibility for new peace-making initiatives beyond old ideologies.”
    —Walter Brueggemann, Columbia Theological Seminary

    “Compassionate, intelligent, and laying a groundwork for both courage and healing.”
    —Fr. Richard Rohr, Franciscan priest and author