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  • Links & Blogroll

    • Anna in the middle east
      Jewish American woman who describes the occupation with clarity and compassion.
    • Australians for Palestine
      Exceptionally well-done and comprehensive site. Constantly updated with current articles.
    • Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions
      Everything you need to know about the BDS movement.
    • Christian Peacemaker Teams
      CPT works in villages in the southern hills of the West Bank where inhabitants are subject to harassment and violence by Jewish settlers.
    • Electronic Intifada
      Independent publication committed to education on the economic, political, legal, and human dimensions of the occupation.
    • Friends of Tent of Nations North America
      A Palestinian family holding on to their land and working for peace and coexistence.
    • Interfaith Peace Builders
      Sends delegations to Israel/ Palestine so that U.S. citizens can see the conflict with their own eyes and connect with Israeli and Palestinian nonviolent human rights activists.
    • Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions
      Non-violent, direct-action group resisting Israeli demolition of Palestinian houses in the Occupied Territories.
    • Jewish Voice for Peace
      JVP seeks an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem; a just solution for Palestinian refugees, and promotes various forms of direct nonvio
    • Kairos Britain
      British Christians’ prophetic, courageous, intelligent response to the call of the Palestinian Christians
    • Kairos Palestine
      Christian Palestinians’ word to the world about what is happening in Palestine, and a call to the churches. Download “Moment of Truth: A word of faith, hope and love from the heart of Palestinian suffering.”
    • Kairos Southern Africa
      Launched on 9 March 2011 to carry forward the legacy of Kairos theology in Southern Africa. Download the seminal 1985 “Challenge to the church” which helped bring about the end of Apartheid.
    • Kairos USA
      A movement to unify and mobilize American Christians to take a prophetic stance for a just peace in Israel and Palestine. Download “Call to Action: U.S. Response to Kairos Palestine.”
    • Machsom Watch
      Israeli women monitoring human rights by stationing themselves at the Israeli checkpoints restricting movement of Palestinians.
    • Micah's Paradigm Shift
      Calling his blog “Israel-Palestine from a UK Jewish perspective,” British Jew Robert Cohen sets about “rescuing the Hebrew covenant one blog post at a time.”
    • Middle East Experience
      Open-source forum for all the varied voices from today’s Middle East: Sunni and Shia Muslim, Christian, Jewish, religious and non-religious.
    • Miko Peled
      The son of an Israeli general calls for the establishment of a liberal democracy in Palestine in which Jews and Palestinians live as equals in a shared homeland.
    • Mondoweiss
      News website devoted to covering American foreign policy in the Middle East, chiefly from a progressive Jewish perspective.
    • Rabbi Brant Rosen
      A courageous Rabbi in Evanston IL writes about human rights in Israel, Palestine and elsewhere. Don’t miss getting to know Brant.
    • Rabbi Brian Walt
      Former director of Rabbis for Human Rights North America, now living in Israel. A strong, courageous voice for justice.
    • Wall Writings
      Jim Wall, retired Methodist minister, political activist, and a compassionate, incisive, intelligent voice for justice and a sane U.S. policy.
    • Zochrot
      Israeli citizens educating Israelis and internationals about the destruction of Palestinian villages in 1948.