Table of Contents


Part One: Breaking the Spell
Chapter One: The Moment of Truth
Chapter Two: My Journey
Chapter Three: Anti-Semitism, Jewish Identity, and the State of Israel
Chapter Four: A Movement of Hope and Desire

Part Two: Beyond Atonement
Chapter Five: Undoing the Damage: Post-Holocaust
Christian Theology
Chapter Six: Theological Urgency and the Promise of the Land
Chapter Seven: Walter Brueggemann and the Prophetic Imagination
Chapter Eight: Progressive Christianity, Israel, and the Challenge of Reform

Part Three: Beyond Interfaith
Chapter Nine: Except Thou Bless Me: Jewish Progressives Wrestle with Israel
Chapter Ten: The Myth of Redemptive Violence
Chapter Eleven: A New Covenant
Chapter Twelve: Reenvisioning Israel and the Role of the Church
Chapter Thirteen: A Call to Action